7 TikTok Zits Therapies Dermatologists Do not Like

TikTok could seem to be a font of fantastic skincare recommendation and inspiration, however medical professionals don’t at all times assume so.

“I believe it is very important at all times be cautious about what is claimed on TikTok and at all times communicate with an expert or a board-certified dermatologist in terms of your personal private pores and skin routine to make sure what you might be utilizing is sweet in your pores and skin,” New York Metropolis board-certified dermatologist Dr. Marisa Garshick advised HuffPost. “It is very important keep in mind that simply since you see it on TikTok, doesn’t imply it’s essentially protected and doesn’t imply it’s essentially good for you.”

That is significantly true of zits remedies. HuffPost requested Garshick and different dermatologists to share the zits hacks and fads they’ve noticed on TikTok however don’t advocate making an attempt.

From pores and skin icing to the “potato hack,” beneath are seven zits therapy tendencies you’re higher off avoiding.

1. Toothpaste as a spot therapy

“The thought of placing toothpaste on zits as a spot therapy has been round for a very long time, primarily based on the antibacterial properties associated to an ingredient beforehand utilized in toothpastes known as triclosan and the drying properties associated to baking soda and hydrogen peroxide,” Garshick stated. “However it is very important keep in mind that this may result in irritation and dryness of the pores and skin, particularly when utilized throughout, as some on TikTok are doing.”

Most commercially accessible toothpastes now not include triclosan, and even when they did, dermatologists nonetheless level to the potential for irritation and even chemical burns.

“We have now a lot of nice acne-fighting substances reminiscent of salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, retinoids and extra, that we don’t must depend on toothpaste for our zits anymore, regardless of how handy it might be,” Garshick stated.

2. The ‘potato hack’

One other TikTok trick that went viral is the “potato hack,” through which individuals put items of uncooked potato over their pimples to make them go away.

“Some justify this [by saying] potato can include small quantities of salicylic acid, however this uncooked potato utility stunt to extreme zits is simply foolish and ineffective,” stated Dr. Melanie D. Palm, a board-certified dermatologist and medical director on the Artwork of Pores and skin MD in Southern California.

“Why would somebody apply a uncooked vegetable to the face when efficient zits remedies exist over-the-counter (retinoids, benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid) which have confirmed effectiveness AND security accepted by the Meals and Drug Administration?” she requested.

She added that potato allergy symptoms are uncommon however exist and may result in extreme signs, as can cross-reactive allergic reactions to potato as a result of different identified allergens like latex and birch pollen.

3. Pores and skin icing

“Utilizing ice on pimples and to de-puff your face just isn’t harmful so long as it’s executed correctly,” stated Dr. Annie Gonzalez, a board-certified dermatologist in Miami. “Fairly often, pimples or cysts are infected. Ice brings down irritation.”

Wrap a washcloth around that ice cube before you apply it to your skin.

Jerome Tisne by way of Getty Photos

Wrap a washcloth round that ice dice earlier than you apply it to your pores and skin.

Nevertheless, she cautioned in opposition to making use of an ice dice to your naked pores and skin. As an alternative, wrap it in a washcloth and go over the realm in a light-weight, steady movement. Don’t rub. And observe that step with a doctor-recommended zits therapy like salicylic acid, she added.

Dr. Sheila Farhang, a board-certified dermatologist primarily based in Arizona, echoed Gonzalez’s recommendation to not apply ice on to your face.

“Direct ice can harm the pores and skin ― assume microscopic frostbite,” she defined. “For puffiness, I like to recommend placing a moisturizer in a pores and skin fridge, so it’s cool however not too chilly, as this may change the formulation. Rollers made from rose quartz or jade are inherently cooling stones so that is additionally an incredible different.”

Farhang additionally warned in opposition to pores and skin icing as a therapy for melasma.

“I actually cringe once I see individuals recommending icing their pores and skin to assist with their melasma ― this may really worsen it, provided that in terms of melasma, something that causes redness or irritation will flip brown,” she stated. “SPF is far more necessary!”

4. Masking your face with Band-Aids

One other widespread zits therapy pattern on TikTok is protecting your face with Band-Aids.

“That is actually a Band-Help repair!” Palm stated. “It’s ineffective and easily occludes an inflammatory zits lesion from the encircling atmosphere. This might be efficient for a person that picks each single zits lesion, however this Band-Help hack by no means is therapeutic in enhancing energetic zits.”

She added that the pores and skin normally tolerates hydrogel bandages pretty properly, however there’s nonetheless a possible for allergic reactions. And if the Band-Aids are left on too lengthy with out cleaning, secondary pores and skin infections may develop.

5. Consuming chlorophyll water

Consuming liquid chlorophyll to clear up zits turned widespread on this planet of skincare Twitter earlier this yr, however dermatologists are hesitant to advocate it given the shortage of scientific analysis on its effectiveness in treating zits.

“Chlorophyll is protected for human consumption, however the advantages will not be confirmed. It’s in all probability a greater thought to get chlorophyll from consuming inexperienced greens,” stated New York Metropolis dermatologist Dr. Hadley King. “There are some trials which have proven that topical chlorophyll might help cut back zits due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. However we don’t but have information about oral chlorophyll’s results on zits.”

So when you could discover some advantages from ingesting chlorophyll, you could expertise much more from consuming a balanced weight loss program excessive in greens, which has different constructive results on the physique as a complete. And don’t anticipate it to clear your extreme cystic zits.

6. Making use of lemon juice to cut back scarring

Utilizing lemon juice to lighten or take away zits scars could seem to be an innocuous trick, however dermatologists beg to vary.

“As we’re all splendidly completely different, a skincare routine or therapy that’s nice for one individual is probably not the best choice or may even be dangerous to another person,” stated Dr. James Ralston, a dermatologist primarily based in Texas. “For instance, lemon juice is extremely acidic and when utilized to the pores and skin may cause irritation, particularly for these with delicate pores and skin. It may well additionally trigger discoloration, particularly for these with darker pores and skin sorts.”

Simply because one thing appears “all pure” or seems to be like a fast repair on TikTok doesn’t imply it’s advisable to make use of in your pores and skin.

“Making use of a robust citrus acid to your face, reminiscent of lemon or lime juice, can create a phototoxic response whenever you go within the solar resulting in blistering, burns and hyperpigmentation,” stated Dr. Brian Hibler of Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York Metropolis.

7. Spraying salt water

Spraying your face with salt water to deal with zits is usually innocent, however there’s no actual information to help its effectiveness, famous King.

“The salt may assist to dry up pimples, and there may very well be a gentle anti-inflammatory impact. However we’ve a lot better, science-backed choices!” she defined.

“A number of the TikTok individuals declare that sea water balances pores and skin pH and kills micro organism, however these claims aren’t actually true,” King continued. “Zits-prone pores and skin has an alkaline pH and sea water additionally has an alkaline pH, round 8. You’d need to use an acidic pH like salicylic acid or glycolic acid to be useful. And though sea salt water does have antimicrobial properties, they’re probably not sturdy sufficient to squash zits.”

She additionally famous that making an attempt this hack may lead an individual to place off seeing a board-certified dermatologist to begin a extra science-backed therapy ― a delay that would lead to extra zits, discoloration and scarring.

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